7 Tips to De-clutter Your Home For Good!


By now, you may or may not know that I’m a big fan of purging my closet. Recently I’ve been on a mission to de-clutter my life. I’m one of those people that if there is clutter around me, I go absolutely mad. It’s impossible for me to think properly if I am surrounded by mess. Now if you truly want to de-clutter your home, closet or whatever aspect of your life, you first and foremost need to be truthful with yourself. Why are you feeling overwhelmed? What do you want to change? What habits will you adopt/change to keep your newly de-cluttered life pristine? Because, what’s the point to doing all this work if it’s just going to keep bringing junk into it?

First start with the home:

1. Start with your immediate surroundings. Look around and think of all that you can throw away, donate or recycle. I find that when I do this first, I get a little momentum and start being more ruthless when it comes to analyzing what truly needs to stay.

2. Make 5 piles and label them: Donate, Keep, Trash, Recycle, and Give Back. Sometimes we have things in our homes that don’t even belong to us! Whether a friend left it there last time they visited or it’s borrowed, GIVE IT BACK! There is nothing worse than housing other people clutter for them.

3. Get rid of any old, used up or unused make-up and body products. I went through my medicine cabinet and found 4 extra toothpastes that we know we aren’t going to use up because we switched to SLS-free toothpaste. Likewise with any lotions of makeup that you’ve never touched, offer it to your friends if they need it.

4. Tackle that junk drawer! For me, I had “catch-all bins” from IKEA, which ended up collecting a vast array of miscellaneous junk that didn’t have a home, and frankly they weren’t doing me any favors. Junk drawers are danger zone! If it’s junk, it’s trash! Stay away from having a junk drawer. 

5.  “A place for everything and everything in it’s place.” Bouncing of the idea of straying clear of junk drawers, once you’ve decided what is truly important (i.e.making your life better,) and you know what you’re going to keep, make sure to designate a home for it and put things back in their homes once you’re done using it. This will make things easier to find when you need them.

6. Clear off flat surfaces. This will make a world of difference to your home and create a visually calming space. Why do magazine photographs look so alluring? There isn’t a whole lot of clutter on the flat surfaces. 

7. Last but most important is STOP BRINGING THINGS INTO YOUR HOME! Perhaps the hardest part of de-cluttering is not re-cluttering. Once your space is more or less cleared, focus of what else you can live without, rather than what you need to buy. Most of the time I’ll replace something rather than add it.


Hope these tips are useful for you in your de-cluttering journey. 



The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for your Brows



Products used: Sally Hansen Stray Hair Beware Needle Point Tweezers, Sephora Touch-Up Eyebrow Razor Set, Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencil in Soft Brown

What products do you use to tame your beasts?

ON MY MIND MONDAY: New Gladiator Sandals


BCBG PL-Reegan Gladiator Sandal: As soon as I saw these and tried them on, I knew we were going to have a great Spring together. They have been incorporated to almost every look I’ve worn and I’m completely hooked on them. The mid-low chunky heel makes them incredibly comfortable to walk in, and the cage sandal bit reminds me of my beloved black leather, “jelly” shoes, R.I.P. On top of that, I scooped them up with a birthday gift card. Please and thank you. Similar here.


What’s In My Bag? Granny’s Night Out Edition


It’s granny’s night out, it seems. I recently thrifted this fabulous vintage tortoise shell clutch and I thought I would take her out for a night on the town.  Here are the minimal things I take when meeting the girls out. Nothing too fancy, just the basics.


Hair pins // For picking locks, just kidding.

H&M  metal hair elastic // Because inevitably, I put my hair up.

Business cards + ID + $ // basic necessities.

Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids in Electric Orange // this color is so vibrant and screams Spring.

iPhone + iPhone heart case // But wait, lemme take a selfie. Case from Delias’

Granny Spectacles // The better to see you my dear. Ordered these Joseph Marc frames from Coastal.com with Promo Code: FIRSTPAIRFREE… you’re welcome.

What do you take with you on Friday night out?









DIY Gold Snakeskin Tray

DISCOairglow DIY Gold Snakeskin Tray

I’ve made a faux snakeskin tray in the past using Mod Podge which I absolutely love (you can see that post here.) However, I recently simplified the process because, why work harder than you have to?

So, how did I shave hours off this formally all-day project? For starters, instead of regular cotton fabric I used a “foil pleather fabric” (this one to be exact) which meant that I didn’t need Mod Podge to pretreat it, and thus I just used a spray adhesive to apply it. Here’s a quick rundown of how it all came together.

There are three basic parts in recreating this masterpiece: measure & cut, spray, apply.

discoairglow gold tray

I. The first step when making this tray is preparing the fabric that you will lay on the glass tray. (a.k.a measure and cut.)

1. Start by laying out your fabric on a clean surface.

2. Then lay your tray over it, upside-down on the fabric.

3. Pull the fabric gently over the tray, leaving a 1-2 inch allowance.

4. Cut the fabric at the 2 inch allowance line.

5. Putting that fabric to the side, cut a smaller rectangle piece of fabric that will fit in the bottom side for a nice finish.

II. The second step is applying adhesive and it’s pretty straightforward and quick drying.

1. In a well-ventilated area, place the tray in the middle of a towel with the right side up.

2. Using the spray adhesive, spray the top of the tray in small even strokes staying about 6-8 inches away. Make sure you give the can a good shake before hand.  Always follow the instructions of the product you’re using as they may vary.

3. Once you’ve sprayed the tray, we’re going to let it dry for 20 seconds.

4. Repeat the same process when you get to the back 4 sides of the tray. Excluding the bottom rectangle piece, which we’ll be applying to the fabric directly.

III. Applying the fabric is the final step.
1. Starting with the top, fold the fabric in half and center it on the tray.

2. With your fingers, start smoothing out the fabric. To avoid wrinkles, keep the fabric taut with one hand

3. Once you’ve done the top, flip the tray over and lets start working on the bottom. After using the same adhering process, pull the longer sides together and smooth the fabric on. Take a scissor and cut in a diagonal line at the crease of all 4 corners of the tray. Repeat the same process for the shorter sides. And trim any excess fabric.

4. After all four bottom sides are applied; we’re going to apply the center rectangle piece. Apply glue to the fabric and smooth it down in the center.

Materials List -
< 1 yd. of Fabric, Spray Adhesive, Scissors, Glass Serving Tray, Towels.


If you get crafty, I’d love to see your work! Tweet me @DISCOairglow

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